Regular attendance is necessary for maximum learning. Please let the office know if your child will be absent from school. Thank you!

Attendance Facts
Daily attendance is important for all students. Students who attend school regularly are more engaged in learning,
have a greater sense of belonging in the community and are more likely to obtain a high school diploma.

· If a student misses 2 days of school per month they will miss one month of school in the year.
· If a student misses 15 days of school per year they will miss an entire year of school by their senior year.
· If a student is 10 minutes late for class every day they will miss 6 days of instruction per year.

Attendance & Employment:
· Individuals without a high school diploma are twice as likely to be unemployed as those with a high school diploma.
· Workers in Saskatchewan without a high school diploma make about $25,083 per year (

*Dropping out of school is a process, not an event. Students who drop out of school often begin the process of disengaging from school as early as Grade 3.