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School Community Council

St. Mary’s School Community Council (SCC) is elected annually from parents and guardians of students enrolled in school, as well as from Catholic electors residing in St. Mary’s School attendance area.  The SCC serves as an important link between parents, communities, and the boards of education.

The SCC provides insight into the needs and expectations of families and supports the important work of improving student learning.  The SCC plans and implements school family events, which help create strong relationships between families, staff and students.

All parents and guardians are encouraged to support the SCC by attending meetings or family events.

Members of the 2015-2016 St. Mary’s School Community Council are:

  • Kim Lawson
  • Margaret Marion
  • Summer Dawn Creeley
  • Breanna Shier
  • Sheila Shumay
  • Darcy Pelletier, Staff Advisor
  • Greg Sturtz, Principal
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