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School Community Council

School Community Council Meeting Minutes for the 2016/2017 School Year:
 (please note, these will be posted as they become available)
School Community CouncilThe purpose of our School Community Council is to help strengthen our school’s capacity to improve your child’s learning.    School Community Councils make a valued contribution to the success of our students by helping families to support their child’s learning and by gathering the resources of the community to ensure student well-being.
A Word for Parents and Community Members

A parent or community member serving on the School Community Council is a dedicated volunteer who is 1) providing advice for planning and decision making at the school level, 2) interested in working with others to support student learning success and achievement, 3) is willing to be guided by school administrators that support good School Community Council practice and 4) be able to provide a two-year committment to the work of Council.

Council members are expected to 1) attend monthly meetings from September to June, 2) provide advice to the school, Board of Education and other community organizations, 3) approve school fundraising initiatives, school fees and student code of conduct, 4) report to parents and community on Council progress, and 5) work with other council members to learn more about the role of the council and how to fulfill  its responsibilities.  Their role is to build shared responsibility among parents, the community and school, for the student learning and well-being and to lead parent and community involvement in school planning and improvement.

School Council Members

Chairperson –  Leanne Kostyshyn 

Vice Chairperson – Julia Burak

Secretary – Chantel Ottenbreit 

Treasurer –  Jeff Appel

Teacher Representative- Leslie Beck

Principal – Steven Boucher
School Board Member – Lisa Rathgaber

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