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Charting Course 2017
Science Pathways
Secondary Mathematics


The Sacred Heart High School Choir presents an opportunity for music lovers to perform vocally.
Outdoor Education
In 2002, Sacred Heart High School began an Outdoor Education program.  Students from Grades 9 –12 may apply to participate in the program.  Students are required to participate in regular training and testing sessions through the school year.  The program culminates in a week-long outdoor education excursion.  The participation fee for the Outdoor Education Club is $150.00 for 2009-10.
At Sacred Heart, the Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD) group has a number of school based activities which promote responsible attitudes toward drinking.  Anyone may be a member of SADD and may join at any time.



The Sacred Heart High School Drama Club produces two or three plays annually in second semester to compete at the Saskatchewan Drama Association (SDA) Regional and Provincial Drama Festival competitions. Sacred Heart High School’s production of ‘This is a Play’ was the winner of the Best Overall Production Award at the 2015 SDA Region 4 Drama Festival, and Mack Tourand won the top acting award, the Mary Ellen Burgess Performance Award, for the role of Male Actor in the play. A Sacred Heart High School play has been named the Best Overall Production at the SDA Region 4 Drama Festival in sixteen of the last twenty years. The Sacred Heart High School Drama Club has gone on to win the Best Overall Production Award at the SDA Provincial Drama Festival three times, with ‘New Canadian Kid’ in 1999, ‘The Wild Flowering of Chastity’ in 2004, and ‘Baby’ in 2008. Eight Sacred Heart High School actors have won the top acting award at an SDA Provincial Drama Festival.

Sacred Heart High School will be hosting the 2016 SDA Region 4 Drama Festival in the Sacred Heart High School Performing Arts Theatre from March 17 to 19, 2016.


The fall musical has been a tradition at Sacred Heart High School since 1962. The Sacred Heart High School Drama Club stages a Broadway or Disney musical where participating students have the opportunity to explore talents in singing, acting, stage design, make-up, music, and more. Notable past musicals have included ‘West Side Story’ (1997), ‘The Sound of Music’ (2002), ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ (2004), ‘Oliver!’ (2005), ‘High School Musical’ (2007), ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (2008), ‘Annie!’ (2010), ‘Camp Rock’ (2011), ‘Grease’ (2013) and many more. Auditions are held in September, with performances in late November or early December. The fall musical for 2015 will be ‘Fiddler on the Roof’.


‘The Sacred Heart Beat’ student newspaper provides a forum for students with an interest in journalism, as well as an exchange of ideas and a creative outlet for literary and artistic students. Students gain experience in the practical application of computers and photography. All students are encouraged to join the newspaper staff.

‘The Sacred Heart Beat’ is published several times during the school year. Every student is given a complementary photocopied version of each issue of the paper. A digital coloured version is available for public viewing on the school website.

For eight consecutive years from 1998/1999 through 2005/2006 inclusively, and for three more consecutive years from 2010/2011 to 2012/13, ‘The Sacred Heart Beat’ was selected as the Best Overall High School Newspaper in Saskatchewan in the High School Newspaper Competition co-sponsored by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation, the Regina Leader Post, and the Saskatoon Star Phoenix. The ‘Sacred Heart Beat’ was named Best Newspaper in Schools with Enrolment Between 150 and 450 for fifteen consecutive years from 1998/99 to 2012/13. ‘The Sacred Heart Beat’ was not entered in the competition in 2013/14.


Sacred Heart High School fields teams in golf, cross country running, soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, indoor track & field, curling, badminton, and outdoor track and field.


Intramurals at Sacred Heart High School play an important part in the lives of students.  Intramurals provide students with friendly competition, an opportunity to meet new friends, and a cheerful environment to have fun and keep fit.  Sacred Heart High School intramurals are organized by students and teachers who choose activities that encourage fun and participation.

Upon entering Sacred Heart High School, students are placed on one of four intramural houses.  A wide range of intramural activities are offered daily at noon hour in the gymnasium, with houses competing for the much coveted Athletic Shield and Aggregate Shield.

Cheer / Stunt Team

The Cheer / Stunt team provides students an opportunity to learn individual and team skills to be performed at school events and in competition.


The Student Representative Council is comprised of student representatives from grades 9 to 12 who are elected by their class or by a total student body election.  Elections are held in May each year.

The purpose of the SRC is:

  • To help foster a Christian atmosphere among the students and encourage apostolic activities.
  • To create a feeling of unity among all students and assist the students and staff in promoting school spirit and pride.
  • To maintain harmonious relations with all school personnel.
  • To act as a liaison between staff and students.
  • To work with the staff in the organization of student activities.
  • To provide opportunities for each individual member to develop and display their leadership abilities.
  • To be responsible for all activities organized by the SRC.
  • To see that matters of concern to any student or to the student body as a whole may be resolved by discussion and communication.