COVID-19 can live on surfaces such as metal, plastic and aluminum for several days and could potentially be transmitted to those who come in contact with it by playing in school playgrounds and touching playground equipment that others have touched. This includes slides, swings, teeter-totters, jungle gyms, benches, bike racks and other equipment. None of this equipment is being cleaned or sanitized while schools are closed and can pose a health risk to anyone that uses them.

During this period of school closure and social distancing due to COVID-19, it is very important that all of us take the sometimes difficult steps to not expose ourselves and others to unnecessary risk.

Please do not use this play equipment until further notice and consider getting your physical activity at home, in your yards, or by taking a walk, run or bike ride while maintaining a safe distance from others outside of your household.

We are working hard to keep our families informed and to support our communities in “flattening the curve”.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We will all play together again!