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Dreambuilders’ High School 

We welcome students who meet the requirements below to apply in person at Dreambuilders’ High School:

  1. Those students between the ages of 14 and 21;
  2. Those students who are in Grades 9 – 12;
  3. Those who are willing to participate in all activities including prayer.


Dreambuilders’ is a “No Rule” school. Rather, we follow these 4 Beliefs.

  1. Belief in the Creator
  2. Being Safe
  3. Being Respectful
  4. the Belief that we are here to Learn.


Dreambuilders’ works with students towards:

  1. Their high school graduation;
  2. Completing their Grade 10;
  3. Assisting students in upgrading their skills with the goal of returning to a main-stream school.


Dreambuilders’ High School follows the Saskatchewan curriculum. We are able to accommodate both Regular and Modified programming but not Alternate programming.


Parents are welcome to bring their child 10 months or younger to school.


All school supplies are provided with the exception of headphones/earbuds.


Dreambuilders’ operates a nutrition program that provides a healthy breakfast, snacks, and lunch for the students. All students are expected to take turns doing lunch dishes and cleanup.


Transportation within the city limits is provided to and from the student’s residence.

Apply by clicking on the link below, fill out the application form and drop it off in person at Dreambuilders High School, 345 Broadway St. West, Yorkton SK.

DBHS Registration Form