Division Office Staff

Director of Education – Ms. Barb MacKesey
Superintendent of Education – Mr. Chad Holinaty
Superintendent of Education – Mr. Trevor Baker
Supervisor of Instruction and Learning – Ms. Shannon Hahn

Business Office Staff:
Chief Financial Officer – Mr. Delmar Zwirsky
Payroll Clerk – Ms. Linda Pelletier
Accounts Payable Clerks – Ms. Irene Rieger
Receptionist/Secretary – Ms. Kathy Boychuk

Instructional Support Staff:
Coordinator of Student Achievement and Supports – Mr. Mike Reavie
Psychologist – Mr. Jeff Heshka
IT Technologists – Mr. Trent Davenport, Mr. Gary de Vries
Occupational Therapist – Ms. Kara Staples
Physical Therapist – Ms. Melissa Cursons
Religious Education Consultant – Ms. Deanna Pellatt
Instructional Coach – Ms. Yvette Beutel
Speech and Language Pathologist – Ms. Lorinda Schramm