What to Expect In the Upcoming Student-Led Conferences/Parent-Teacher Conferences


In November, schools will be forward Progress Reports and host student-led conferences. Please contact your school for the dates and times of student-led conferences.  Please keep in mind that while these dates have been set to host conferences, you are invited to contact the school to arrange a meeting regarding your student’s progress at any time. The goal of such conferences is to provide you with a deeper understanding of:
  • what and how your child is learning,
  • the criteria for success,
  • what the next learning goals may be, and
  • how you can support your child at home.
During student-led conferences, for the most part your child is in charge of showing you what he /she has been doing and learning at school. When students have the opportunity to show, explain and demonstrate their learning, they are not only communicating their accomplishments and understanding, but also sharing with you what and how they are learning, and the criteria for success. In addition, such student involvement:
  • develops your child’s self-assessment and communication skills
  • builds the independence, confidence, self-esteem and pride of your child
  • provides an opportunity for your child to receive supportive feedback to further their learning
  • provides an opportunity to celebrate your child’s learning
While your child is leading you through the conference, the teacher will be available to join you for part of the time.
During student-led conferences, you will have the opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher to learn about your child’s progress, next steps, and ways you can help at home. When you return home, some useful phrases that you can use to communicate with your child about what you have learned are:
  • I liked…
  • You must be very proud of…
  • I noticed that you have improved…
  • I felt very proud of you when…
  • I noticed that you put a lot of effort into…
  • Is there anything at school that you find challenging and would like some help with?
We look forward to this valuable time to meet together to share insights about your child’s progress and ways we can support continued success at school. We know that “when parents are involved in talking about learning with their children, children achieve more. The more parents are involved, the higher the student achievement levels.” (Henderson and Berla)